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Updated: 19th September 2001
Version 1.22

Version 1.23 - (Under development)

This version is now being worked on again (14/8/01) Progress is likely to be slow as I don't get much time to work on bcnu. It will be distributed in a slightly different format with source and binaries separate. Contributed changes will be available separately and will only be integrated with major releases. For details please subscribe to the mailing list..
  • Logs agent allows actions
  • Various install bugs fixed
  • CGI Env variables on Debian fixed
  • SGI support
  • SCO support
  • Revamped download from web site

Version 1.22 - 8/5/2000

  • New win32 alert program - send alerts to a windows PC, popup a window and sound alarm (separate download)
  • Changes to bcnud, alert agent and hostinfo to support win32alerts
  • Improved vmgt, fs and procs agents from Wulf Dietrich
  • Improved client_install script to better handle SUSE Linux and AIX from Wulf Dietrich
  • Improved bcnud_server startup/shutdown
  • Fixed bugs in client_install
  • Fixed problem with empty agent fields
  • Contributed key.cgi to display key in browser and various minor fixes and enhancements from Charles Howes
  • Contributed agents for mailq checking and running commands from Wulf Dietrich
  • More customization possible thru bcnulocal script
  • Javascript countdown clock/refresh - Charles Howes
  • C Sources tidied up by Kevin Koch
  • Makefile is now more intelligent
  • Bug in Linux ping identified - version of ping from Redhat 5.2 is OK, or alternative perl version is supplied in the distribution

Version 1.21 - 6/3/2000

  • NEW web based acknowledgement of errors - alerts will stay on screen until they are acknowledged even if the condition clears itself
  • NEW cookie controlled login controls access to admin functions
  • NEW fix_perms script to fix bcnu permissions
  • NEW linux support for LVM added to vmgt - Thanks to Volker Pense
  • Updated cgi scripts to log acknowledgement/ignores
  • Setup script will generate sample alerts on master
  • Fixed bug in proxy - not setting hosttype
  • Fixed bug on HPUX - PATH not set properly on reboot
  • Fixed bug where bcnud_server sometimes hangs when started via rsh
  • Fixed bug SHELL not recognized! on Linux
  • Fixed problem with web access to index.htm, create symbolic link to index.html
I've had quite a few bug fixes and suggestions from Wulf Dietrich, thanks to him for all of these
  • NEW customized log agent
  • Improved logs agent
  • NEW Oracle table space monitor
  • Updated debugging options and error handling in agent_head
  • Fixed bug in AIX errpt logs agent
  • Fixed bug in ALTHOST handling
  • Restart option for bcnud_server
  • Limit on number of alerts per host per day

Version 1.20 - 18/1/2000

This release has a new setup script to make it much easier to install bcnu for the first time. It will prompt for all of the important settings and hopefully leave you with a working configuration which can be tested immediately.
  • NEW agent to check oracle database availability
  • NEW agent to check files for changes - contributed by Doug Bakewell
  • Added an option to specify different local hostname in bcnulocal
  • Added some support scripts to set perl location, and fix sound on linux
  • Added system type of APPLIANCE for web cameras etc
  • Improved error logging for agents to help in debugging
  • Fixed a problem in the proxy function of the alert agent
  • Fixed a problem in bcnuinfo to show all email alert recipients
  • Fixed a problem with spurious quotes in Slackware - Thanks Scott
  • Fixed a problem with linux startup scripts not being set correctly
  • Fixed a problem with the fs script not displaying disk space correctly

Version 1.19 - 15/12/99

  • Added AIX errpt checking to log agent
  • Added -ad flags to buildweb in alert agent
  • Changed default action for bcnud. It will now only log the hostname of incoming reports and not the full domain name. An option (-q) has been added to bcnud to log the FQDN if required.
  • Added new option on browser to show hosts sorted by platforms, also added the platform to the agent details screen.

Version 1.18 - 18/11/1999

  • Fixed problems with bcnu sending too many fields with a message
  • Added code to decode messages on agent details screen
  • Added code to send host type for all agents
  • Fixed some per host settings, all local variables now configured via bcnulocal
  • Fixed a bug with the query cgi form not highlighting default log
  • Fixed a bug in bcnuenv.linux - no MAIL defined - Thanks Christoph
  • Fixed the install and upgrade scripts, they now retain all previous data, logs and config info when upgrading. Auto upgrade now works much better
  • BCNUHOME wasn't set in bcnud_server, oversight from previous change

Version 1.17a - 21/10/1999

  • Fixed problems with install script not setting up defaults correctly

Version 1.17 - 15/10/1999

  • Fixed y2k compliance code, and tested with dates set to 2000+
  • Fixed a bug with service number handling in bcnu.c causes the http test to fail on linux/freebsd

Version 1.16 - 10/9/1999

  • Updated log.c to add support for ignoring individual agents
  • Added freebsd 3.3 support and fixed a bug with CHILD processes
  • Modified Web graphics
  • Added snmp trap logfile capture script (UCD snmp)

You can email me at or subscribe to the low volume mailing list
© 1999,2000 John Phillips All rights reserved

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